Welcome to Product Safety Help, LLC.

Helping you raise the bar on your product safety program

Your customers must be confident that the products that they use do not present any unreasonable risk of injury to themselves or bystanders.  Product Safety Help is dedicated to helping manufacturers like you safeguard the customers that purchase and use your products.  Whether your needs involve  training in product safety principles, accident investigation, safety standards or regulatory compliance review, design review, operator manual review, safety sign development, safety risk assessment or expert witness and litigation support, Product Safety Help is available to assist you in those needs. 

Founded by Mike Senneff, a former manager of Product Safety and Compliance for Deere & Company, and a familiar name in the agricultural equipment sector both on the national and international level, Product Safety Help offers a wide range of practical hands-on experience in applying product safety principles to a product design or developing a robust product safety program in an organization.

When you have a product safety need, call for Product Safety Help.